Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Favorite Things ~ Mason Jar Snow Globe Project ~

I saw this idea from a craft boutique I attended a few weeks back and thought they would make the cutest gifts .
Vintage Mason Jar Snow Globes!!!

Such a fun and easy project. All you need is:
  • Mason Jars ( 12pack at Walmart for $9.00)
  • Snow Mica/ Snowflakes ( available at craft stores)

  • Miniature trees, presents, drums.....
  • Glue gun/ glue sticks
  • paint (optional)
  • little helper (optional)  

    First, I painted all my lids white, gold or red. 
    Santa's Workshop !

     Once Dried, I glued the mini trees to the bottom of the jar... I made some simple with a single tree and some elaborate ~ the ideas are endless on what you can put in your little jars 

    After all your goodies are glued in, fill the glass mason jar with the snow mica ( you only need about 3 tablespoons). Twist on and shake up !!! 


    Happy Holidays!!

    xo Tracey xo


    Sneak peak of the NEW Double Pocket Vintage Toy BOYS Line

    Choose from any of the Vintage Toys for your pocket .Will have many fabrics to choose from !!
    Complete line will debut beginning of January

    Monday, November 28, 2011

    The Stockings were hung..

    YAY... I found my my mantle is complete. Phew..thought I lost them in the move.

    ...and my dining table is done ! I LOVE my polka dots !

    xo Tracey xo

    Saturday, November 26, 2011

    Favorite Things * Brrr*

    I had the pleasure to meet Alison from Ooh La La Company a couple weeks ago at a home boutique we did together. Ali actually got me re-inspired to start blogging again so I'm dedicating a post to her wonderful creations. I love little banners and had been searching on Etsy for one to match my Vintage Snowman Collection. I remembered that Ali had some at the show so I looked her up and found the perfect saying for my snowmen....
    Brrr !
    The packaging alone was super cute !

    Check out her other fun creations at

    You can also follow Alison on her blog:

    My Vintage Christmas

    As you may of noticed, I LOVE Vintage!!! Not just vintage inspired clothing but I love decorating my home vintage as well. Flea Market = Best friend ! When it comes to's all about Vintage ..and glitter!!
    WARNING : You are about to see A LOT of GLITTER

    I collect Vintage ( and new ) Glitter Snowmen. I have found them in Flea shops at Orange, Ca, Old Town Temecula, little shops in Maine and The Cottage Co in Sequim, Wa.  
    Each snowman has a story and brings such joy when I put them out each year!

    Love my little banner " BRRR* from 
    More on her company in my "Favorite Things" post

    I LOVE LOVE my Christmas tree. It is a mixture of new and vintage ornies. A new vintage inspired Martha Stewart Birdie next to a 1930's glass ball is a perfect balance of new and old.

    Some of favorite ornies I put in my hutch 

    too be continued.. still haven't done my dinning room table !!

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    Chicken !!!

    I had to share this.. it made me crack up !!! Wyatt ( my 3 yr old son) made a Turkey Thanksgiving card at School yesterday. Here is a pic of the front, his cute little hand print..going to put in his keepsake box for sure!
    Then the teacher asked all the kids one by one... " I'm thankful for...."

    Bahhahahaaha ( His favorite food is Chicken). I'm glad Mommy and Daddy made the list..phew !!

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    Dollie in the Making

    I just love making these little dollies. I got this pattern from and adapted it to my liking. I make each dollie to match your child's eye color, hair color and style. Today was Dollie making day. I had two custom ladybug orders for Miss Layla and Miss Jilly ,so I worked on them together. First, I cut all the pattern pieces :

    Love doing the hair, I use felt or yarn depending on the length and type. Miss Jilly got black yarn pigtails !

    Then comes my not so favorite part, sewing and stuffing the little arms and legs : Body parts:

    I LOVE stuffing the body... the dollie's come alive. 

    Most dollies come with a matching dress . J is for Jilly !

    after sewing on the legs , adding eyes, nose and mouth and a few extra's... Introducing... 
    Miss Layla !

    and her friend, Miss Jilly !

    Details Details Details 

    I let them play for a bit..they became best friends !!
    To order you Dollie and Me... email me at
    xo Tracey xo

    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    The Evolution of the Scrappy

    What's a girl to do with all her scraps???
    hmmm... I decided not to waste any...and my "best selling " Scrappy Dress was born !!

    Perfect all year round !!In Spring /Summer..wear alone as the cutest halter dress. In Fall /Winter, pair with a long sleeve shirt ,tights and boots. 

    NOW offering some of my scraps to YoU !!

    1/2 pound of scraps bundled in a 20 "x 20" sac with 6-10 VINTAGE buttons attached. A perfect collection of different sized scraps for kid projects, hair accessories, doll clothes etc.. A great gift for a craft'ere ! Purchase yours for $8.00 on Etsy:
     OR... comment below with your email address to be invoiced ~

    Got Vintage Stitches?
    xo Tracey xo

    Saturday, November 19, 2011

    It's all about the Details

    I love receiving packages that have a touch of handmade personality and charm. I created this along with kidsatheart designs ( on Etsy) that I tie to each package. A special thanks for choosing me, Vintage Stitches.

    NEW Watermark for 2012
    and my NEW little Hang tags ...eekkkkk !!